The People

Who is behind welt_raum e.V. ?

welt_raum, it’s all of us. We, who make the unlikely likely. We, who by focusing on commonalities understand each other, grow, and continuously learn.

welt_raum is us who make welt_raum what it is – may it be by participating in our events, informal encounters, mentoring, or sponsoring. We, who share a transcultural understanding of community!

But welt_raum is also an organization. That is why we are happy to introduce here the majority of our team.

What drives our team?

»Meeting new people and get to know their story, talking to each other while eating and to see how strangers become friends due to our engagement« (Louisa)


»Here we learn from each other, we talk to each other and we live with each other as if we all were from the same country, even though we are all from different countries.« (Lamin)


»Trough welt_raum I learn to see the world with different eyes and to steadily question my thoughts and actions. The encounters have changed my perspective on things by large« (Philipp)