The Core

»A Revolution in Microcosm: welt_raum«

ARD, First German Television (2014)

»welt_raum is an outstanding project towards social inclusion!«

Philipp Rösler, Director World Economic Forum (2016)



welt_raum enables humans to meet, share with, and learn from each other by creating spaces defined through mutual appreciation and respect.
We generate spaces in which commonalities can be found and differences overcome. Spaces to commonly learn togetherness.


This means on the one hand that we take existing spaces and make them accessible to refugees and citizens – for instance through our cooperations with the Landratsamt, DRK, the local music school, or sport clubs. On the other hand we create new spaces by developing new options for civil society – our language tandems, fieldtrips, and educational projects.

For example, we discover each others languages in one-on-one sessions and collectively take part in enriching experiences on cycling tours and other activities, from delicious, intercultural dinners to visiting the Friedrichshafen Seehasenfest.

(Directed by Magdalena Gebert, Ragna Prinssen, Vincent Geilenberg, Melissa Astrian)

For an insight into our work please read the articles published in the Schwäbischen, the Südkurier, and the Deutschen Welle, or watch the TV segment from eins|plus. You can also check out our facebook page!

A main objective of welt_raum is to avoid excluding effects, also between refugees, and foster community spirit. welt_raum spaces are open to everyone and we welcome participants from all parts of society. As such our projects are not aimed at specific groups or individuals.


welt_raum was founded by students in spring 2014. Although the founders were students the initiative sees itself not as a student initiative of Zeppelin University. welt_raum rather is an initiative by citizens from the Bodensee area.

We would like to invite you to discover our actions via our website. We recommend starting by looking at our story.

You are also more than welcome to contact us directly and get to welt_raum personally. We look forward to hearing from you!