The Story

For some years now we have been following our goal of making unlikely encounters more likely:

Man is nothing but a bundle of relationships.   Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We began our journey in spring 2014, pushed by Exupéry’s quote. Shaking hands, nodding and smiling, taking a step forward and then one back. Sometimes in German, sometimes in English, sometimes in French, and sometimes in handsigns. Distance, proximity and uncertainty.

In the meantime, for instance the shelters have become a bit of a home, even for us. Stopping by on a bike, coffee and cake until late at night, planning our next legal steps or just celebrating a birthday underneath the little olive tree.


Travelling around the Bodensee (from the left: Issam, Hassan, co-founder Patrick, and Kristina).


We share languages and cultures, tell stories and live through important moments. An attempt to dilute the borders that seem so painfully vivid. It’s about the positive interpretation of borders. Doing our part for living together. Creating space to learn togetherness.