Making the unlikely likely

welt_raum enables humans to meet, share with, and learn from each other by creating spaces defined through mutual appreciation and respect. We generate spaces in which commonalities can be found, differences overcome, and togetherness learned.

Making the unlikely likely

Experiencing Enthusiasm

What our People say


I find welt_raum exciting because I have the feeling that I am among wonderful people. It is great that we are there for one another. For me, that makes Friedrichshafen a special place!

Hassan Co-Founder

I co-founded welt_raum in part because here we all learn a lot about distance and closeness. And how nice it is to be close, even in distance. In this context a great new project of ours is the Learning Community.

Melanie Co-Founder

Creating Space to Learn Togetherness

Creating Space to Learn Togetherness


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